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+  makes things - that sit at the intersection of urban planning, art, and design.  These "things". explore how people experience, engage, and interact with the places where they live, learn, work, and play.

+  makes things happen - sometimes as Project Manager, sometimes as Design Facilitator, sometimes as Designer, and often by collaborating with others (i.e., artists, designers, fabricators, creators, makers, and folks from all walks of life) to develop projects that are interesting, engaging, and positively impactful wherever they make place.

+  makes things to order - @ I.A.M.U.,  process and product go hand in hand and take into account, from beginning to end, the people they serve and the places where they occur; thus making each project unique.

+  makes things up - Apart from being a cleverly coined business name, it also serves as a humble reminder that we're ALL just making it up as we go along.


+  Perryne (pronounced erin with a p) is the Founder and creative force behind I.A.M.U.


+  credentials include a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from the University of Toronto and 10 plus years working in urban planning for the public interest; from managing and marketing affordable housing developments, to conducting main street revitalization initiatives, to consulting community groups providing technology access in affordable housing developments.  She obtained her design merit badges interning with architects, studying interior design, and running a volunteer-based organization that facilitated active design projects to promote healthy eating and outdoor play for children.   I.A.M.U. (est. 2015) is the sum of these parts = a people + place driven practice.


+  has worked on projects with organizations such as CUE Foundation, desigNYC, Brooklyn Community Foundation, NYCDOH, NYC Parks GreenThumb, and the Community Design Collaborative. 

+  was selected as a National Arts Strategies Creative Community Fellow in 2015.

+  is an urban planning misfit, who is happy being her own pl.a.c.e.             (planner.artist.curator.engineer)

+  is the mother of two extraordinary inside out beings.